About Us

Specialty Tree Service has been a respected leader in the tree service industry since 1980. We are a fully insured family owned and operated business that takes great pride in our customer satisfaction rating. Our company owners are proud to acknowledge their certified arborists who are on staff to offer their educated, scientific advice and to execute proper trimming techniques to keep trees in good health. If we determine that a tree needs to be removed, our employees use their experience along with the most advanced equipment to safely perform the project. Our aerial bucket trucks are operated by highly trained and experienced arborist professionals and our tree climbers are the best in the business. Lifelong learning and continued education keep us far ahead of our competition and insures our customers will experience complete satisfaction. Our staff and crew members are clean, friendly, enthusiastic and take great pride in their work. Our clean up practices are thorough and complete and are unsurpassed by any other tree service company. Every precaution is always taken to minimize any lawn or property damage. We hold our expectations to the highest standards to provide exceptional service throughout every job.

Safety is our #1 priority

Our company has implicated a highly complex safety program that meets ANSI safety requirements. Our weekly safety meetings keep our employees sharp and aware of potential hazards so they can be proactive against any threats to themselves and our customers’ property.

Our office staff

Our office staff is what holds our company together. If you call our office for a free quote, you will always reach a pleasant voice on the other end eager to listen and evaluate how we may be able to help you. You will be set up with a time that is most convenient for you to meet us and discuss possible options. Should you have any questions or concerns after the estimate through completion of the job, you will always be able to reach one of our staff.

Payment options

We do not except any money up front to start a job. If you decide that you will grant us the opportunity to perform the job for you, we will do everything possible to provide the service that we have promised. When the job is complete, we will then ask to be paid for the services that we have provided. We accept credit cards as an option for payment in addition to cash, and business or personal checks. We can also customize a program for periodic service designed specifically to meet your individual needs and budget.

Climbing above the rest to exceed your expectations. We value all of our customers and look forward to proving our qualifications to you!

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