Disease Management

We are Certified Arborists serving York County and Lancaster County. We offer a full range of disease management services for your trees consisting of three methods: Spray Treatments, Systemic Soil Applications & Root Flare Injections. Many common problems in our area are listed below: Emerald Ash Borer Cedar Apple Rust Apple Scab Spotted Lantern Fly …

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Stump Removal

Tree stump removal will improve the appearance of your property and improve ground maintenance efforts. It will also assure that water sprouts will not form new trees and underground roots will no longer cause damage. Clean-up and removal of grinding debris is standard procedure unless otherwise specified by our customers. Ask about our financing options …

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Tree Trimming

Our certified arborists practice natural tree pruning, thinning, elevation and deadwood removal to create beautiful healthy trees and preserve them for future generations. Trimming trees away from buildings, lawns, light fixtures and roadways minimizes property damage and provides safer environments for animals and humans alike. Incorporating routine maintenance into your budget for tree care will …

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Tree Removal

Tree removal is our specialty! Projects from small trees or shrubs to large dangerous trees makes Specialty Tree Service a versatile company. We utilize aerial bucket trucks or cranes in cooperation with highly trained and skilled climbers for safe maneuvering over buildings, service lines and valuable obstacles. Every job is executed with precision to provide …

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