New Year, New Yard!

We at Specialty Tree Service hope you are having a wonderful New Year thus far!

This post will be the first of many that we will have throughout the year on our new blog onsite!

Many people are unaware that this time of year is an excellent time to have your trees evaluated and maintained.

 Trees are dormant during the majority of Winter and therefore they are not using their energy to grow. This benefits the healing process and reduces the stress of pruning on both young and mature trees. Ground conditions during winter months may provide better options for equipment access as well to remove trees from your yard. Another factor to consider is you’re likely not outside enjoying your backyard this time of the year. Right now is the perfect time to do the necessary maintenance around your property before Spring comes. 

Speaking of your property, right now we are offering Discounted Winter Tree Trimming and Removal services to our customers in and around York and Lancaster County.

Contact us for a free estimate to see if you qualify for discounted services!

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